Wednesday, 27 January 2010


a caracter acting

changing emotion on one scene


a walking cycle



pushy mouse

pushing week

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

learning flash

first flash animation

first week

some animations made on the first week of the course

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Saturday, 9 January 2010

task project

animatic for the task project
should be also the entry for the d&ad student award 2010
it is meant as a tv promo for E4 publicizing their new monday movie night strand

task project

some character model sheets

task project

sketches for the task project

johnny head in air

sketching whilst reading "struwwelpeter: or pretty stories and funny pictures" by heinrich hoffmann

a collection of bizarre short stories for children


sketch for a character

the gruffalo

sketching whilst watching the gruffalo over christmas

the boy with no hands

the boy with no hands

"mood-change" walk task created for the end of the first semester at the london animation studio...

this animation has been inspired by a tale represented at the museum of childhood called "the girl without hands" by the Brothers Grimm

model sheets "the boy with no hands"

some model sheets for the "mood change walk" task for the first semester at the character animation postgraduate at central st martins
the character is the "boy with no hands"

animal drawings

some animal drawings done after a visit to the london zoo and the natural history museum

just some drawings

some drawings i have done in the past year or so

life drawings

some life drawing done during the postgraduate diploma at central st martins



Sometimes it seems people look like their pets or share certain startling similarities with them, in terms of their looks, habits and general behavior.
How are we connected to animals?
Can animals be metaphors for our own emotions or characteristics, e.g. fear, anger, desire, love, sadness, sneakiness, shyness, etc.?
How deep is our connection with the animal world? - Or is man just another animal?

my first ever animation

"Do you believe everything they tell you?"

drawn animation

inspired by the media manipulation of government policies

intended to promote individuality and freedom.