Saturday, 9 January 2010

task project

animatic for the task project
should be also the entry for the d&ad student award 2010
it is meant as a tv promo for E4 publicizing their new monday movie night strand

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  1. Hey Luca! Finally got your blog online huh? Nice one! So what's the deal with this animatic? It's kinda small, but it looks like he's turning everything off & then he throws his TV out the window?

    I'm off to China next Sunday so i'm really sorry i didn't get to see you more than once. I didn't realise just how busy i'd be these last few weeks. Furthermore, blogger is banned in China, so i probably won't be able to keep up with your work unless you wanna email me instead? if you stay in touch i'll help you out as much as i can but you should ask Steve to find you another mentor because it's much better to learn from someone directly.

    Good luck!